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ISBN # 978-0-06-123503-0
August 2007
Harper Collins
$7.99 US/ $8.99 CAN
399 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Jack Whalen is an ex-cop turned writer. An old classmate from high school contacts him out of the blue about the gruesome murder of a mother and son that just happened, pulling him into a strange world of things that seem very unreal.

Strange disappearances are happening. The husband of the murdered woman is missing and suspected of her murder. Jack’s wife has disappeared while on a business trip, and a little girl in Oregon goes missing. Why have they disappeared? Where have they gone? Are the incidents related?

As Jack and his friend dig for information, they start to unearth a secret that is centuries old. Things that many people would not believe could ever exist in their simple lives. The deeper they dig, the more of a target they make themselves. Will they be able to stay alive in order to solve this mystery? Or, will they be silenced before they ever have a chance?

Words cannot describe this book. It is a page-turner that sends you in all directions, leading you in tons of possible scenarios that can happen. It keeps you on your toes, never knowing which direction that might be. All this leads up to a climatic ending that you never see coming. If you are looking for a thrill ride, try the Intruders by Mr. Marshall. It will not disappoint.

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