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ISBN: 9781934340578 HB, 9781934340585 EB
August 2008
Jigsaw Press
784 US Highway 89, Vaughn, Montana 59487
Hardback / E-Book
$20.00 / $3.95
280 Pages
Horror, Dark Fantasy, Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Ordinary, average, and safe is Justine Hawkins’ life until the disappearance of her husband. Theirs was not a marriage of romance as much as it was convenience, but with him gone, and her pregnant, she fears what the future will hold.

Grayson Turner is a man without an identity. Even his name is a fabrication, given to him by a nurse who took care of him after his accident. If not for Justine and her brother Hank, he would surely have died in that river, but could that be what he was aiming for all along?

Justine did not want to take in another one of Hank’s strays; including the stranger they pulled from the river, but at Hank’s insistence, Gray comes home with them. The uncanny feeling that she knows him does not let up, and the closer they get back to the farm, the stronger that feeling gets. Gray is also discovering feelings towards Justine that he cannot explain. Her angelic face is a balm to his frazzled nerves, but when they cross paths with a stranger, he feels an almost animalistic urge to protect her from harm. The stranger is evil personified, and they can all sense it. Events unfold that rock the very foundation of Justine and Gray’s life, but with faith maybe love can finally prevail.

Faith and hope are all we really have in this world, and when Gray forsakes those gifts for lust and greed, his life spirals into a vortex of toxic waste. His journey of discovery takes him through lifetimes of despair before he finally comes to realize his true purpose. His faults and stumbles are inherently human, traits that are identifiable in all of us. Ms. Bushman leads her readers on an expedition of faith in a unique and surprisingly candid way. I found her open and frank theological philosophy to be surprisingly refreshing. God with a sense of humor, and penchant for wise cracks is one concept I personally find enticing.

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