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The Argeneau and Rogue Hunter Series

Book 1 : A Quick Bite
Book 2 : Love Bites
Book 3 : Single White Vampire
Book 4 : Tall Dark & Hungry
Book 5 : A Bite to Remember
Book 6 : Bite Me if You Can
Book 7 : The Accidental Vampire
Book 8 : Vampires are Forever
Book 9 : Vampire Interrupted
Book 10 : The Rogue Hunter
Book 11 : The Immortal Hunter
Book 12 : The Renegade Hunter
Bitten by Cupid Anthology
Book 13 : Born to Bite
Book 14 : Hungry for You
Book 15 : The Reluctant Vampire
The Bite Before Christmas (Anthology)
Book 16: Under a Vampire Moon

ISBN# 978-06-147430-9
March 31st 2009
Avon Books
Mass Market Paperback/E-Book
$7.99 U.S./8.99 Can.
368 pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Danielle McGill is driving home with her baby sister, Stephanie, when they are kidnapped and dragged off to the middle of nowhere. Just when Dani’s hope is fading that her and her sister will make it out alive, three men come bursting out of the tree line.

Decker Argeneau Pimms is a rogue hunter. On this latest mission he is after a nest of rogues out in the Canadian wilderness. But when he, Nicholas, and his partner burst on the scene, they have more to deal with then just rogues.

Dani cannot believe what is happening to her, first her and her sister are kidnapped, and now she is on a chase to save her sister with men that claim to be more than human. Decker cannot afford this distraction, but when one meets his life mate, he cannot ignore it. With time working against them, Dani and Decker race against time to save Dani’s sister and bring down this group of rogues.

If this is your first Lynsay Sands novel you will not be disappointed. The fast-paced action and romance will keep you coming back for more. Her characters are well crafted, and the story line is a thrilling, action-packed, keep-you-on-the-edge-of-your-seat ride. Her world of the rogues and hunters is one that will suck you right in. If you want romance packed with lots of action, then this is the story for you.

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