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ISBN# 1-59998-004-5
February 2006
Samhain Publishing
61 Pages
Rating:  4 Cups

Rachel is mourning the loss of her husband, Matthew. He went out to hunt the monsters which are raiding the area, and has not returned. He finally comes home like one of the monsters, but not one of them. He needs help to fight the evil and Rachel decides to join him.

Matthew is attacked by the pale ones and made one of them. He is not evil and still continues to protect his people, but he cannot do so alone. He needs to amass an army of Hunters; he just wishes that his wife were not the first volunteer.

Matthew and Rachel have been charged with finding and training an army of Hunters to fight the evil that threatens their world. They just have to convince the vampires, weres, and witches that even though they have been changed, they do not have to be evil.

This prequel to Ms. Walker’s Hunters series is a very well written short story with vivid and sympathetic characters. Rachel is much stronger than Matthew expects, and actually becomes a stronger warrior in her own way. The evil monsters choose their own fate and get justice. I really enjoyed this story; it was full of action, romance, and really great characters.

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