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ISBN# (10)0-7783-2502-4/(13)978- 0-7783-2502-4
November 1, 2007
225 Duncan Mill Road, Don Mills, Ontario, Canada M3BK9
592 Pages
Historical Fiction
Rating: 4 cups

Richard Lanyon does not like the idea of farming someone else’s land when he wishes his own. As tenant to the Sweetwater’s, an aristocratic family, he does not enjoy taking their orders. If he had his own land in the Exmore, England community, he could make useful gain for his family. He sets out to develop such a plan.

Peter Lanyon is in love with another woman but his father intends for him to marry Liza Weaver, for profitable reasons. Not wishing to disappoint his father’s wishes, Peter reluctantly agrees to do as he requests.

Richard hates how he has followed in the same footsteps as his father and become just another tenant working for another family. He desires his own land, and his own way to achieve that one purpose in life. He sets a plan into motion to find a wife for his son, Peter. Not just any woman, but one intelligent, hardworking and able to give Peter many sons. It was just a simple little task he thought would be no problem, never realizing any secrets might be exposed. Peter is not too happy that his father wishes him to marry someone he has chosen for him, especially when he is already in love with another woman. Bound to duty, Peter unavoidably agrees to marry Liza. Peter and Liza are soon drawn together in a love they never imagined. But Peter soon sees that among those wishing to make things better for their families, often find hatred, jealousies, and blind desire leading to a future that could very well not be as prosperous as his father thought.

The House of Lanyon is a saga that carries much drama among the families as they seek to make the best for future generations. Watching Peter and Liza struggle to make their marriage work while their hearts practically break because they have given up their true loves, depicted plenty of emotions and enduring love. The cast of innumerable characters are sketched into many years of history in this powerful read. Valerie Anand weaves a strong tale, with tasteful settings, and fascinating characters that blend well together, sweeping the audience into a stunning era that captures a great turn of events.

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