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ISBN#: 978-1-4404-6733-2
March 2009
Trade Paperback
236 pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Hilary Walker longed for a pony since she was seven, and at age sixteen her parents got the horse she always wanted. She was allowed to keep it for her last two years of school then sell it to have money for university.

Glen and wife, Hilary, work as CPA’s with Ernst & Ernst, where his job is a bit higher than hers. He loves to ski, but does not know much about horses, especially when it comes to selling them.

Since Hilary and Glen spend much time working behind desks, they look forward to two days a week off. When they wish to purchase some horses, they are excited to meet with Herr Hasty who has some potential buys for them. Since she has not ridden for years, Hilary wants a horse that will become an intentional jumper, and when she finds a docile one, and one that handles well, she is thrilled. Neither expected the circumstances to follow though, both of which are challenging and rewarding, but will it be enough to make their days of getting to know about horses happy ones?

The Horse Bumbler: Getting it Right by Mistake was an interesting read for me. I love horses but there were things I was not aware with potential jumpers. I enjoyed Hilary C.T. Walker and how she expounds on the story with the ins and outs of the manual of horsemanship. I liked the different antics and experiences that Hilary went through with her moving around and meeting new people. With the description of the horses, I was able to visualize Hilary’s and Glen’s adventures. I loved the horse’s names and worried over Bugsy. I was touched by the way Glen bonded with his horse, Ivo. I think the book will hit a high-note with those who want to get to know about horses.

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