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ISBN# 978-1-60777-053-4
December 2008
Ravenous Romance
141 pages
Erotic Romance – Fairytale Retelling
Rating: 4 Cups

Mariella feels like a slave in her home and would love to have a place of her own, as long as she would not be made to feel like a prisoner. She only wishes security and freedom.

Prince Teodor is tired of mingling with women who only want to marry him. He has four weeks to find a bride and is not impressed with any women at the ball until he meets her.

Mariella is fleeing the grasps of a lecherous man when she runs into Teodor. She quickly asks for a kiss. Surprised with her statement, he obliges her. When he is summoned back into the ball, he discovers she is gone. He must locate the stunning beauty. Mariella wishes to find someone, even if he is a widower or older man. One kiss with the Prince has made her tingle all over. Teodor must find a mate, and even though it was only a small kiss, it was enough to arouse him completely. Mariella and Teodor cannot deny the attraction they feel toward the other; yet one leak about their arrangement could possibly cost him his crown. Do they have a deal that can last forever?

The fun and games are enough to keep this reader on the edge of the seat in The Glass Stiletto. Rachel Kenley creates a lively, enchanting read, beautifully done. I love how she describes Teodor and sketches him in a way that this reader was in awe with his expressions. He was so real in all the aspects of his relationship with Mariella. I love the pacing of the storyline and how it sweeps the reader into the lives of Mariella and Teodor. There is never a dull moment in this delightful read, with some steamy moments that do not disappoint.

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