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ISBN#: 1-60154-149-X
December 2007
The Wild Rose Press
160 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 3 Cups

Maggie is the owner of a nursery in Nickle Town, Texas. She moved there with her then boyfriend Tom to start a business and life together, but he took off six months ago and she has not heard from him since. This is typical of her love life.

Nick became a deputy to prevent another person from being victimized like his high school girlfriend. He has not had much of a love life since. Maggie appeals to all of his protective instincts.

Someone is stalking Maggie. She is getting threatening packages and phone calls and someone has tried to break into her house. The handsome Deputy seems to be the answer to all of her problems but life is never that easy and Maggie’s is definitely about to get harder.

This story has the potential to be a really good suspense novel but falls just short. An unexpected series of events at the end of the story save the plot from being predictable. The characters are well developed and easy to visualize. Maggie is a little too whiney at times but likeable. Nick is a classic white knight despite his messy personal and professional life. The author could use a bit more knowledge of police procedure, some of the situations are improbable (it is unlikely in any jurisdiction that a teenager charged with multiple violent felonies would be bailed out before arraignment or by another teenager), and I would like a little more suspense in the plot, but otherwise it is an entertaining and easy to follow story.

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