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ISBN# (10)0553906224/ (13)9780553906226/ (10)0553805134 / (13)9780553805130 (10)073932828X/ (13)9780739328286
April 14, 2009
Random House Large Print
1745 Broadway, New York, New York 10019
E Book/Hard Cover/Large Print Trade Paperback
400 pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Maggie Shaw decides to move to Newport with her two children, Rebecca and Travis, a year after her husband’s death.

Rebecca Grace Shaw, Beck, hates the fact they are moving from their home in Ohio. She does not wish to move away in case her sister, Carrie, returns home.

Travis Shaw never imagined being without a father would cause so much sorrow. As the only male in the family, he tries to keep things running smoothly.

Arriving in Newport, Maggie accepts her first job since getting her masters, teaching English. Beck is not too happy with learning to live in different surroundings. Her thoughts are still on her sister, Carrie, who ran away from home after their dad died. Maggie hires Tim Marcus, a private detective, to try to locate Carrie. Travis watches over Beck, making sure she does not bolt and leave like Carrie. J.D. Blackstone is glad to hear Maggie has returned home. He never forgot the woman of his dreams; the one that had written her name on his heart. Maggie finds her world full of many things when she sees J.D. again. Her main concern is finding Carrie. There are too many unanswered questions Maggie must unravel to help her family understand.

The Geometry of Sisters is an endearing read. The plot unquestionably thickens as the reader is thrown into the whereabouts of Carrie. There were moments I was in shock as well as the players. With a caravan of people, all displaying their emotions in many ways, I could relate to many of the robust characters. Betrayals, hurt, lies, are just a few things that entangle the storyline, making everything truly realistic. Travis is a caring brother and son, mourning the loss of his father. His sorrow travels deeply through the pages. Not to mention Beck and all her reactions, from missing Carrie, to watching the transformation her mother goes through. Luanne Rice fashions a poignant story that surpasses through the ages. I found it a remarkable read.

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