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ISBN: 978-1-890785-12-3
August 2007
Shadowmere Publishing
219 Pages
Science Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

Ryan Peters had spent the last forty years with one focus and the last phase of his plan was getting the head of security position at Delphi Inc. He was looking forward to getting to know the CEO all over again. They had been apart far too long.

Olivia Morgan was the CEO at Delphi, and one of the youngest to hold such an esteemed position. She was only eighty, which put her in the minority when compared to women two and three times her age. She was also one of the few women willing to hire a man for a position as highly regarded as head of security.

Ryan knew he was taking a risk lying to Olivia about who he really was. He also knew he had no choice. The events that brought him to Delphi were forty years in the making, and he would stop at nothing to complete his mission. The Gender Divide had become so great that only women held the major power positions. They were able to outlive the men fourfold, which made them powerful and smart. The imbalance was becoming critical and civil unrest was imminent. Ryan loved Olivia once, and knew that he could trust her judgment. He soon found out that she had surrounded herself with like-minded women, her friend Nicole in particular he felt drawn to. He hoped that once Olivia knew the truth that she would not hate him for lying to her, but bridging the gap between the sexes was key if a war was to be avoided.

Suspense and intrigue abound page after page. The detail, although weighty at times, made the story come to life. Ryan’s character was very believable within the context of his role. He was strong and smart but not overbearing. Olivia’s not so much. I was expecting a stronger personality for someone of her stature in society, but Nicole filled that gap nicely. The dynamic between Ryan and the leading female characters really made the story pop, and the role reversal was a great concept.

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