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ISBN: 1592795706
July 2006
Amber Allure, a division of Amber Quill Press, LLC
110 Pages
Lesbian/Dark Fantasy/Vampire/Interracial/Multicultural
Rating: 4 Cups

Léonor Griffin is a Vampiress, a woman who has been alive for more than a century. For some reason, her old mansion is a target for sorority house dares and offerings.

Clancy Rosabel does not really want to pledge to the Theta sorority house; most of the girls do not like her. However, her late mother and grandmother saw it as a rite of passage.

After Clancy asks Bella Madame, also known as Léonor, if she can cut some of her flowers, the women come up with a fair exchange, the “blood” of flowers for a sample of Clancy’s blood. When the Vampiress bites into Clancy’s succulent flesh, it brings out all of the college girl’s latent desires for women. Not being able to get enough of the sweet and innocent virgin, Léonor and Clancy begin a sensual affair, exploring their desire for each other in erotic ways. Now Clancy must decide if she is to stay an eternity with the woman she loves, or try to discover whether she would be better off with a man, someone who could eventually marry her and give her a family.

The Garden House is a story filled with erotic love scenes and enigmatic characters. Ms. Cherish and Ms. Quaid have taken a pretty typical tale of vampirism and given it a unique twist to make it their own. While there were parts of the story I found to be a little on the boring side, the overall tale was a nice and easy read. What surprised me the most was how Léonor came off as a very nice Vampiress, not the evil being that is mostly depicted in the modern day tales. I did not find her to be a seductress of innocence, other than Clancy, and even with the girl being a virgin, she still had the choice to stay or leave. On the whole, this story of love between two women was very well written, with steamy sex scenes. The seduction scenes were very erotic, and the growing love between the women was great.

Caution: This tale contains anal play, a sex scene with fruit, and it is a red-hot romance!

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