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ISBN: 1-59431-536-1
September 2007
Write Words, Inc.
624 pages
Rating: 4 cups

FBI Agent Jamaica Kurtz once again finds herself in a horrible spot. She must fight an enemy without knowing who it is. She is stubborn, but loyal to a fault. Jamaica has no idea what she will come up against, but the strength she will find will help her through it all.

President Ronald Moss always followed his wife’s lead, but once he became president, he began listening to other people besides her. He needs to learn when to stand up and when to hold back. He does what he thinks is best and sticks to it for the most part. His job is not an easy one.

Even though the Cold War is in the past, FBI Agent Kurtz finds that there are still some things that must be taken care of. One thing in particular is the Resurrection Project. Soon there are attacks on the country that seem to be tied to The Friday House orphanage. She has so many questions and is not sure she will ever get any answers. She has been gone for six months trying to get her life back together. Yet it does not seem like that will be possible.

I liked this follow up to XIII by D.K. Gaston. It answered many questions about this character that had been left hanging. D. K. Gaston writes an amazing thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat. I love the way Jamaica changes as she develops her skills. She had a long road ahead and could only take things one at a time. I love strong characters and they were abundant in this story. This book stood out to me for that very reason. It is very good, but for the most impact, XIII should be read first.

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