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ISBN# 9780979777301
October 2007
Cheyenne Publishing
PO Box 872412, Vancouver, Washington 98687-2412
Trade Paperback
220 Pages
Rating: 5 cups

Ethan Keller is a seventeen-year-old stock boy at his small town’s general store. He lives with his mother and older brother Willie. Ethan is not even aware that some men are attracted to and fall in love with each other, so when Travis Cain rides into town, he has no idea that those tingles he is feeling are the beginnings of romantic love.

Travis Keller takes one look into Ethan’s eyes and knows that he is like him, but he also knows that Ethan is completely innocent and has no idea about such things. Feeling as though his soul has touched Ethan’s during that first contact, he decides to court Ethan.

When Travis asks Ethan to go with him on a 900-mile cattle drive, Ethan jumps at the chance to be with Travis. While he still does not know what all those tingles are about, he knows that he and Travis are close friends, and he wants to maintain that friendship. When Travis catches Ethan spying on him while he bathes, he is very happy because this means he can take the next step in his courtship of Ethan, and it does not take long for these two to fall in love. However, the road to true love is often rocky and filled with potholes, and Ethan and Travis’ relationship is no different. When Ethan confides his feelings for Travis to the wrong person will his innocent confession cost them their love?

All I can think to say is Wow! The Filly is true romance at its very best. It transports you into a time when being gay could get you killed, and answers the question of how gays might have survived in an environment where there was zero tolerance for anything different. The historical information provided by this book is accurate right down to the last detail and transports the reader into a wild west that lived beneath the so-called civilized veneer of civilization. The characters are very realistic and easy to relate to which made me want to cheer them on throughout the entire book. The author does an excellent job of building the emotional momentum as well and thus kept my attention throughout the book until I reached the end and the very gratifying conclusion. If you love westerns and gay romance then you have just found your newest author to read. I loved The Filly and am proud to give it and the author my highest endorsement!

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