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ISBN# 978-1-55487-033-2
February 1, 2008
eXtasy Books
274 Pages
Science Fiction, Futuristic, Ménage, Group Sex, Paranormal, Mystery
Rating: 3 cups

Eve is a college student that likes sex a lot. In fact she will have sex with just about anyone given the opportunity. She comes from a well-to-do family though she does not see her mother and stepfather very often.

When Dominic, Eve’s stepfather arrives suddenly at her college dorm, she is surprised. She soon discovers that Dominic brings the very bad news of her mother’s death. Grief stricken, Eve returns home with Dominic.

Strangely she begins having sexual feelings for Dominic right off the bat. She also discovers that her mother was not the restrained person she thought she was. In fact none of the people her mother called friend are what Eve thinks they are. As her relationship with the five couples and Dominic changes, she learns something about them that changes her life. But will it change her life for the better or is it all lies?

A new and interesting take on the old stories of the fallen angels. Mr. Bowers gives the entire old biblical story of the fallen angels a decidedly erotic twist in this tale of the supernatural. God becomes not the loving father who wants what is best for his children, but an old man and a tyrant who wants to refuse his creations the pleasure of sex. This story is erotic in the extreme and while there does appear to be emotional attachment between the couples, I wasn’t convinced that the path Eve chose was the best one. The author does an excellent job of obscuring the true motivations of some of the characters. In spite of this, it is a good read.

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