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ISBN#: 978-1602600126
August 2008
Barbour Publishing
P.O. Box 719, Uhrichsville, OH 44683
Trade Paperback
320 Pages
Inspirational Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Dominique Celine Dawson hates to sail. One would think since her father was an admiral in the British Royal Navy, she would enjoy it. After living in France for four years she returns home to England.

Admiral Chase Randal is glad to have Dominique in his staff. One thing he despises and will not tolerate is a liar. He cautions her to keep her French heritage to herself while living in London.

Dominique was born in England. It holds childhood memories, yet she realizes once she returns and steps over the threshold, she will be considered a spy. Since the uprising with Napoleon, the French are not welcome, and many have already detected her with a French accent. She is well educated in all the classics, and has taken the job as governess to Chase’s six-year-old son, William. Chase believes his son needs discipline. At first Chase finds her a bit frail and unable to handle his young son, but Dominique proves him wrong. She is also there to help her brother. She refuses to have his head detached from his body. After she gets the documents or the key, she can spare her brother’s life. When her ties draw closer to William and Chase, it is hard for Dominique to follow through her mission. Can Dominique follow through her plans to save her brother when her heart has found a place with William and Chase?

Falcon and The Sparrow is a stirring tale that captures the heart and often leaves little prickling sensations inside. Dominique is strong in her devotions to save her brother. It even makes the reader wonder would they go as far as her to save a family member. There were many incidents that some of Chase’s family was very unkind to her. My heart just broke when I read about Dominique attending the cotillion. M.L. Tyndall pens a story where this reader got a picturesque beauty of London Bridge and all the settings detailed in this lovely read. The wide range of emotions, blended together with the secondary characters, move at a nice pace in this breathtaking story.

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