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ISBN# (10): 0-385-5255-X/(13) 978-0-385-5255-7
August 7, 2007
Doubleday (Random House)
1745 Broadway, New York, NY 10019
128 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Ambrose Zephyr liked to play with letters ever since he worked at the advertising agency of Dravot, Carnehan. But when he fails his annual medical exam and receives bad news; he charts a new course for the rest of his days.

Zappora Ashkenazi, Zipper, has seen Ambrose at his highest and lowest. As the literary editor for the country’s third most read fashion magazine, she keeps happiness in her marriage. Ambrose is the only man she has ever loved and needs no adjustments.

Not long after Ambrose turns fifty, he takes his medical exam and learns he only has a month left to live his life. Now he must make plans for his remaining days. He feels this is not fair, taking him away from things most precious in his life, one being Zipper. There are so many places and things he has yet to do. Devising a list, he sets out to visit his much-loved places, and those he has to see before he dies. He tells Zipper it will be their best adventure yet. She is the only woman that he has ever been honest with in his life. Ambrose takes the alphabet and from A to Z, charts their first trip, perhaps Austria then all the way to Zanzibar, anything is possible. He has many choices and not much time to decide the places to visit. As Zipper follows with her husband in their journey, their joyous trips turn to heavy sorrow, in their minds, as the days draw closer for them to face the end of a marriage that will live on forever in their hearts.

I must say The End of the Alphabet is a wonderful inspirational read. Ambrose and Zipper share many years in their marriage only to learn that they must face the most final moments being stronger than ever. I love the way Ambrose uses the characterization of the alphabet to create a lasting remembrance of their lives together on one incredible journey. CS Richardson showered me with tears of joy with the issues that were handled in the making of this book. The way he permits the reader to come up with their own definition of the story is heartening. I find his words most tender, and ones I will always keep in memory. This rare read will indeed make the heart swell with joy.

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