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ISBN#: 978-0-9801777-8-7
January 2008
Mystic Moon Press
95 Pages
Science Fiction / Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Avron Tular is Shipman Second Class aboard the Earth ship Triton, and works as a navigation technician. A job that becomes quite redundant when traveling for more than a year through nearly empty space. A little spice in his life would be nice.

Lt. Tuya ‘al Ayan y h!dlay Zhia!tu is the Communications Officer for the Triton. She is Boriallen, a race skilled in the art of combat, and highly intelligent. Her strength and agility far exceed that of any human, making relationships hard to come by on an Earth vessel.

Avron is in awe of the beautiful Tuya, and when she requests his company he is stunned. She is an officer, while he is just a shipman, but he wholeheartedly accepts her invitation. He quickly learns that this wonderfully exotic creature longs for companionship, and most men are reluctant to be with a woman who can seriously kick their butt. However, he revels in her powerful embrace, and together they become inseparable. As their voyage progresses, Avron and Tuya take on a more prominent role in the ship's mission. During first contact with an alien planet, they are requested to remain on the planet Illistari by its people. They choose to stay, and as the days and weeks progress, they learn. They learn more than could ever be imagined, and their destinies unfold before their eyes.

This story may be science fiction, but its message rings loud and clear. We are on a road of destruction that is paved with avarice. Avron comes from an Earth that has nearly destroyed itself in its lust for more; where cities gluttonously devour everything in their path, leaving nothing but pollution and concrete in their wakes. He is one man, his is one choice, a choice that could ultimately change his universe. This is a choice each of us faces everyday. Which path will you choose to take? I wholeheartedly recommend this story; it is a great combination of humor and humility, with a plot that actually delivers a message worth noting.

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