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The Bastion Club Series
  Book 1- Captain Jack's Woman
  Book 2- A Lady Chosen
  Book 3- A Gentleman's Honor
  Book 4 - A Lady of his Own
  Book 5 - A Fine Passion
  Book 6 - To Distraction
  Book 7 - Beyond Seduction
  Book 8 - The Edge of Desire
  Book 9 - Mastered by Love

ISBN# (10)0061700398/ (13) 9780061700392/ (10)0061246360/ (13)9780061246364
September 1, 2008
AVON (Division of HarperCollins Publishers)
10 East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022
E-Book and Paperback
464 Pages
Historical Romance Genre
Rating: 4 Cups

Christian Allardyce, 6th Marquess of Dearne, cared for one woman, but when duty called, to fight for King and country, that took precedence over everything. He learned later she had married another. Years later, when she summons his help, his feelings are only stronger.

Lady Letitia Randall has not been close to Christian in twelve years. She and Randall were married for eight years but had no children. After he is killed, and the blame shifts to her brother, Justin, she turns to Christian for help.

Christian is surprised to receive a note asking for help from Letitia. This is the woman who turned from him to marry another and now her husband has been brutally murdered. He wonders if Letitia did not love Randall, and why she married him. Clues point to perhaps her brother, Justin, being the killer, but Letitia knows Justin could never kill anyone. Christian wonders whether she could have harmed her husband. No matter how often her thoughts turned to killing him, she is not the murderer. Christian agrees to help search for the killer, the whole time his heart still inflamed with desire for her. Letitia must learn to trust Christian. While the two grow seemingly closer together in finding the truth, can they rediscover the love they once lost, while their lives risk greater danger from the killer?

The Edge of Desire certainly leaves the reader on the edge in this passionate read. Christian and Letitia are distinctive characters with expressions that really come across the pages. Whenever they were together, I could feel the intensity they experience toward the other. Stephanie Laurens does an excellent job in sketching a convincing story that does not give anything away with the killer, or any secrets, until the dramatic conclusion. She pens a book so gratifying one cannot help but fall in love with Christian and Letitia. The well-developed secondary cast creates enough tension to make this historical romance a treasured read.

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