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ISBN#: 9781587496790
July 2008
Awe-Struck E Books
380 Pages
Regency Historical
Rating: 4 Cups

Emma Cartwright inherited a “gift”. She sees the death of anyone with whom she comes into physical contact. Planning on living her life alone, she must make new plans when her uncle announces she must marry this season. Engaged to prevent a scandal, Emma is about to marry the one man whose death would break her heart.

Nicholas is also affected in a paranormal manner. An ancient ancestor caused a witch to curse all the men in his family with death at 35 if they haven’t married for love. When the man who stole Nicholas’ first fiancée tries to shame Emma, he asks for her hand, even knowing that a loveless marriage will result in his death in just a few weeks.

As the two now face their future together, neither can express their fears. When Nicholas’ enemy tries to splinter the newlyweds, it is up to Emma to save their marriage and put aside her worries.

The Earl’s Curse is a clever paranormal with a plot that has the perfect amount of detail to keep readers enticed. The manner is which the curse is handled by the different members of Nicholas’ family is fascinating. Emma’s “gift” causes a rift with a few family members, but they all have reasons for acting in the manner they do. Their rationale and actions give the characters a depth that allows readers to emphasize with the pair. Another excellent part of the story is the manner in which Emma and Nicholas communicate. As the curse doesn’t end, I hope to read a sequel from Ms Hoffman.

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