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ISBN# 978-0-385-34046-5 Paperback and 978-0-440-33673-0 eBook
March 6, 2007
Bantam Dell Publishing
1745 Broadway, New York, NY 10019
$13.00 U.S. Paperback and $9.95 E-Book /$16.00 Canada
400 Pages/Paperback and 352 Pages/E-Book
Women's Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

Dr. Holly Campbell is dealing with some troubling situations in her life. Holly is tired, tired of dealing with so many impediments in her life. The grief she shares over the loss of her mother leaves many questionable thoughts within her head even giving her doubts about caring for her own patients. Sickness and death circles her to a point where she needs an escape. When a job opportunity opens for a residency program in rural England, Holly is certain this is her answer. She says good-bye to her twin brother, Ben, who lovingly refers to her as Holly Bear, along with her boyfriend, Matthew, hoping that being apart from Matthew she can sort out her feelings over him.

Dr. Matthew Hollembee is Holly’s boyfriend and understands her need to find the closure after her mother’s death. He loves her and gives her the breathing space needed. Holly calls him a sweet talker.

Unfortunately what starts out as a new beginning for Holly soon has more complicated issues knocking at her door, three thousand miles away. The English hospital is quaint but in no time, Ben’s fiancé, Alecia arrives on her doorstep, asking help with some family matters. Holly finds herself thinking of Matthew and their relationship and to make matters even more confusing Holly tries to understand the past surrounding her mother and the affair her mother had developed with a medical student when she was in Grenada working. When she encounters her mother’s old lover, it appears Holly learns things about her mother she did not know. Holly can only wonder if she can ever analyze her own feelings, finding her own place in life and making the one choice that Matthew is the one that could possibly help to soothe the ache in a broken heart. The more Holly begins to question life in general she learns that love is a choice that one makes unselfishly.

Holly is a character that most definitely comes alive in the pages. She is not afraid to admit her misfortunes nor of being fearful. I admire her because she shows strength and determination to continue on no matter how hard each step may be for her to take in the process. It is often rare to really have such a character spin an electric force on a reader but Maggie Leffler makes this idea tale so vivid and believable that one can almost experience the same sensations that Holly encounters. At times heartbreaking, and others filled with a touch of humor, The Diagnosis Love embraces much love and healing powers of a past and present life of Holly that this reader often saw a bit of herself as the story unfolded. The secondary characters even have a way of making everything bloom with life in this remarkable tale.

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