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ISBN# 9780060759902
February 2009
Harper, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers
$7.99 US/ $8.99 CAN
306 pages
Rating: 5 cups

Dr. Bill Brockton is a forensic anthropologist at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. An old enemy is on the loose and is ready to finish some business begun a while ago.

The body farm is the place where bodies are put in order for the anthropology students to learn about the different ways a body can decay. The FBI and CIA count on the results found here to help them in cases where a person dies under suspicious circumstances.

A friend asks Dr. Brockton to take a look at the cremains of his aunt. The cremains are odd-looking, which causes Dr. Brockton to pay a visit to the local crematorium. Learning about the cremation process, he finds things are not quite as they seem. To add more trouble to the mix, Dr. Garland Hamilton, the man accused of killing Dr. Jess Carter and attempting to murder Dr. Brockton, has escaped just before his trial is set to start. Now, Dr. Brockton is watching over his shoulder and trying to solve a mystery.

I was not prepared for the education I received while reading this novel. The funny part is I did not realize I was learning. What an incredible experience reading this book was! Mr. Bass describes all the ugliness of death and cremation with such beautiful descriptions. There is gruesomeness and death, but it is such an intriguing story I found it hard to put down. I strongly recommend adding The Devil's Bones to your collection. It is a wonderful journey from the first page to the last.

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