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ISBN#: 978-1-60777-129-6
December 21, 2008
Ravenous Romance
225 Pages
Dark Erotic Romance
Rating: 2 cups

Karen is a young woman who has just finished college and is now on her way to her family’s vacation home. She wants to spend the summer reconnecting with her father who has a mental illness.

Billy is a vampire, and his family wants revenge on Karen’s because her father killed one of their relatives. However, Billy begins to have second thoughts almost immediately after meeting Karen.

When Karen arrives at her family’s vacation home she discovers that she is the first one there. When her family calls and tells her they will not be there until the next day, she decides to use the time to write. However, when a creepy neighbor comes to call, and then she is attacked and imprisoned shortly thereafter by a family of vampires, it is not long before she realizes her father was right all along about the neighbors.

Normally paranormal romance is one of my favorite genres, but sadly this story just fell flat for me. While the writer is a good storyteller, and does an excellent job of leading the reader on, the characters are just not likeable in any fashion with the exception of Karen. Also the ending was one of the most disappointing endings I have ever read. This book should be classified as a horror story rather than a romance story due to the fact that it reads much more like that than a romance.

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