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ISBN# 9781934614051
September 2007
Calderwood Books
158 Pages
YA fantasy/adventure
Rating: 4 Cups

Noah Macgregor is happy that his parents have inherited a home where a pirate once lived. Once they arrive he feels like he has stepped into the thrill of a lifetime.

Holli is Noah’s sister who travels on an adventure that soars with excitement.

Noah is excited that his family has inherited a house of a legendary pirate. After they arrive, Ham, Noah’s dad, is shocked to learn Uncle Enoch is not dead but missing. Noah sees this as a great opportunity to search for treasure and Uncle Enoch. The lawyer presents gifts left to them. Holli, an artist, receives art brushes. Ham, the pistol he was never to touch, and Amelia, Noah’s mom, an elaborate necklace. Noah is ecstatic with the three books left him, Uncle Enoch’s journal, one from Lady Isobel Da Mafaldo, an ancestor, and the third belonging to the dead pirate, Captain Ambrose Craven. They are told that Uncle Enoch wanted all the paintings burned and the Crystal Staircase demolished. None of that means anything to them. Noah and Holli enjoy the paintings and the maze. In no time their discovery takes them to a painted world, some skeletons and the pirate captain, as they try to match wits against the pirate to return home.

The Dark Legacy is a good read. I could not help but fall in love with Noah and Holli. They are two adventurous children that get in trouble and their layers of expressions are reflected in the pages. Theirs is a fantastic journey that makes the reader want to come along. K.G. McAbee spins an amazing fantasy that captivates. The tale is fast-paced and keeps the reader turning the pages. I can hardly wait to see what other adventures the children find themselves in with Book 2.

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