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ISBN# (10) 0-553-58974-1 / (13) 978-0-553-58974-0
October 30, 2007
Bantam Books (Division of Random House)
1745 Broadway, New York, NY 10019
$13.00 U.S./$17.00 Canada
352 Pages
Erotic Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

The Bonds of Love

Jillian has been married to Cameron for six years and wishes to experiment more in their relationship. Tonight bondage is about to enter their life.

Cameron believes it has been ages since Jillian has actually dressed up for him. He can hardly wait for their experiment.

Jillian hopes to spice up their love life. Their marriage has sexually declined so Cam suggests using bondage to boost their marriage. As their little passionate games begin, they quickly learn that it can be a little more intense then what they imagined.

I enjoyed this story because it was more than about a struggling couple experimenting with some bondage to spark up their sagging marriage. It dealt with trusting each other too. It reached some tense moments that really brought Jillian to the core of their problem and finally able to open up.

The Lair

Cassandra Lowell has a yearning to explore the dark secrets of sexual pleasure. Of course, she keeps her thoughts to herself not knowing what others might think. After seeing just the right ad for someone inexperienced, she decides to check it out.

Robert di Sante is known as Master Robert. To women he is dangerous and exciting. In the course of the lessons, he introduces Marcus to Cassandra. Marcus, Robert’s nephew, finds her incredibly responsive to his needs.

Master Robert and Cassandra start experiment with BDSM. If all goes well Cassandra will sign a slave contract surrendering herself completely to him. However, she meets a mysterious stranger and becomes excited by him. Her thoughts are focused on this faceless man and her submissiveness to him. Then Cassandra learns it is Marcus. The two feel a powerful force drawing them closer.

This story takes the reader into a dark side of pleasure. Cassandra and Marcus are both delightful characters, each seeking something in life with meaning. It is a read that keeps the reader spellbound as they search for their real deepest desire.

Love and Discipline

Maggie London is a journalist who works for the magazine Citi. She goes to San Francisco for an interview with a very handsome man concerning BDSM.

Damien Knight is an independent consultant. He was born in Italy and has eyes that can almost hypnotize a woman.

Maggie and Damien meet for their interview and she is captivated by his strong voice. Damien feels Maggie is too much in control and wants to teach her to loosen up. He urges her to allow him to dominate her, to show her real ecstasy. Maggie is not used to being commanded but Damien’s magic hands and voice send sizzling sensations throughout her, unlocking the real woman inside her.

I loved the chemistry of Maggie and Damien. The minute they meet, the pages ignite. I enjoyed the way Damien showed Maggie how to come out of her shell. The best part was the ending, the perfect icing on the cake.

The Darker Side of Pleasure is three provocative tales that are truly gratifying. Eden Bradley makes this assortment of erotic stories intense and hard to let go.

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