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ISBN# (10)0446580740/(13)9780446580748
November 2, 2007
Faber and Faber (Hachette Book Group USA/Imprint of Warner Books)
237 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10169
176 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

As one is born into this world, they soon learn they do not only have a mother, but an aunt, which sometimes prompts the question by very young children as to why there are aunts. Most everyone has one, whether great, memorable or exotic. Even the television and movie industry are known for an Aunt Bea in Mayberry, and an Auntie Em in the Wizard of Oz. Both aunts, by far, are well-noted and aunts that any family would love to have in their household.

This remarkable diverse list of aunts, from sweet to exotic to villain, shows how aunts are sometimes not in the position to be streamlined or theorized. One can often find a good aunt or a bad one in any family. While the good one shows much affection and love, the bad one may feel she has been forced to deal with situations in the family she does not wish to be a part of, such as in the exploration of Jane Austen’s subject in Mansfield Park. Whether good or evil, aunts play a role when it comes to nephews and nieces that can leave a lasting impression.

Along the pages of learning about aunts and their different role playing, there are some recipes from the lovely Aunt Bea with her delicious fried chicken and discusses how she took care of Andy and Opie. There are children that have been brought up by the kindness of their aunts and have learned to be compassionate, loving and even passing down family recipes. A really nice aunt embraces the joys of parenthood and often is a good second-hand in helping out the mother in many occasions. Even Truman Capote had an aunt and is mentioned in the book with a snapshot.

From mothering aunts, heroic ones, brand-name ones, and even x-rated aunts, to mention a few, The Complete Book of Aunts is a most charming read. It is like opening up a box of Whitman Sampler’s and discovering that every piece of chocolate inside is ultimately fantastic. Rupert Christiansen contributes the story to one of his own memorable aunts after her demise. He, along with Beth Brophy, has detailed such an extraordinary work of art, with unforgettable pictures, that I believe will make the perfect gift for any occasion. This unique collection of stories of aunts is a great complement to any bookshelf. It makes one want to phone their aunt and say I love you, or give them a huge hug.

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