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ISBN# 9780440244905
March 2009
1745 Broadway, New York, NY 10019
Mass Market Paperback
416 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Jane, Lady Sherringham, was once an outspoken young woman, but years of marriage to a cruel man have turned her fearful. His death has freed her from abuse and she wants to help her two best friends escape the same.

Christian, Lord Wickham, is well known as a rake and libertine. He seems determined to ruin his family name, starting with the duel that forced him to leave the country. He has only returned in answer to his sister’s plea for help.

Jane and Del have always been best friends, and the abusive marriages they are forced to endure has strengthened their bond, only now widowed Jane worries more and more about her friend. Suddenly Del disappears and Jane is sure that her husband has done something to her. She is willing to risk everything to help save her friend, including joining forces with Del’s rakish brother Christian to find her.

This story is full of action and some very spicy sex scenes not usually found in an historical romance. The Club itself is a pretty graphic den of dissipation. I loved the interaction between Christian and Jane and her very brave attempts to save her friends. The author has a wonderful grasp of the era and its people, making it very easy to picture every scene vividly. Some of the scenes tend to the BDSM side and can be a little graphic, but the love story and exciting suspense scenes tie everything together very well. I loved the two main characters who overcame abuse of the worst kind and became better people, instead of letting their experiences debase them.

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