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ISBN#: 9781595784735
July 28, 2008
Liquid Silver Books
91 pages
Fantasy Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Queen of Zudris, Kali, has a lot of responsibility to her people. When Gar walks back into her life after five years, Kali finds it difficult to trust him a second time. It matters little to her that he still feels she could be "The Chosen One" of legends. The risk is too great; failure of the test is death.

Gar knows he is going to have to work hard before Kali will forgive him, but it was something that needed to be done. After living for the past five years with the priests of the Order of the Chosen One, Gar is even more convinced that Kali is indeed who was predicted over a thousand years ago to lead them.

Gar tricks Kali into meeting with the priests, and agreeing to take the test of the chosen one. After passing the test, Kali finds an enemy in the head priest who has taken the loss of power badly. She also finds herself being pulled into visions of a shaman, who wants nothing more than to be her mate.

This is an amazing story of trust, love and a man willing to give up everything for what he believes. Kali is a strong and brave character who would give her life for her people. I have enjoyed watching as she grows and develops both in her leadership and her new relationship with Gar. Having risked losing her, Gar’s passion for Kali is exciting and as fresh as the day he left. It amazes me how someone can be so loyal while doing the exact opposite of what is wanted of them. Ms Chenery has written another excellent book which leaves me hoping for more from this wonderful world and its Chosen One.

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