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ISBN# 978-1-59632-374-2
December 2006
Loose ID, LLC
98 Pages
LGBT Series Paranormal
Rating: 4 Cups

Alex, an ex-escort, has had just about enough of the “look but do not touch” policy that he had to employ in his previous employment. Because of his background, he knows how to play the game and has decided to put every ounce of his past experience to good use. His intention is to get laid. However, meeting Dylan and getting to know him a bit changes things.

Dylan, a bartender at Amour Magique, finds the flirty Alex amusing. However, Dylan is not all that he seems, and he holds a painful secret behind his ready smile. At first he is amused by Alex’s antics, but it is not long before he calls Alex on his teasing flirtation.

When Alex discovers Dylan’s secret while snooping in his room, his excitement over-rides his common sense, hurting Dylan in the process. Only when a friend talks some sense into Alex does Alex face the truth of how he really feels about Dylan. He is then able to face Dylan and attempt to make amends.

Ms. Okati does this story with style and flair. I loved Alex’s personality; reading about him flirting his way throughout the book made me laugh often. I also liked how the author made Dylan so mysterious, to the point that you were not really sure what he was until almost the end. I enjoyed reading again about Amour Magique, which Ms. Okati always seems to find some new nuance to tell us about in each successive book. The world building is descriptive, making it exceptional. The love making between Dylan and Alex is hot and sensual; lending an air of emotionalism that not all authors are able to attain in their writing. The Salt of the Earth now has a place on my favorite books list.

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