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ISBN# 978-1-4303-1911-5
March 2007
Lulu Press Inc.
860 Aviation Parkway, Suite 300, Morrisville, NC 27560
170 Pages
Literature & Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

Anise Meyers thought she had finally found love until Brendon broke her heart and put her through a six-month bitter divorce. Now she looks to start a new life.

Alexander Covington, owner of North Point, is a good catch for any woman.

Anise learns she was only considered an experimental detour for ex-husband Brendon Meyers, when she is quickly replaced by Allison Hildegrant. The man uses women like tissues. Needing a job, she halfway fabricates about planning weddings, and gets the position as Bridal Consultant at Tiffany Weddings, as long as there are no screw ups. When she is chosen to prepare wedding plans for Brendon and Allison, she is stricken, but her boss quickly informs her no one can pick their weddings. The knife cuts deep for Anise who knows Brendon and Allison were engaged two days after the divorce was over. It is up to Anise to give them the perfect wedding and she has some interesting ideas. Then Allison decides to have her wedding at North Point, which only causes more conflict for Anise when she has to bump heads with the top man, Alexander Covington, who seems to give her signals in a good way.

The Bride Wore Black is a hilarious read. Following the antics of Anise is an adventure full of merriment. What person at one time or another has not thought of ways to come up with some delicious schemes to get revenge with the ex in some way? Anise plans her strategy very well. Ms. Montgomery’s sparkling voice creates a stirring read that is visual with secondary characters that lend wonderful oomph to the storyline. Scandalously sassy and spicy, this perking read is one that gives wonderful insight on payback the entertaining way as the characters expressions rise from the pages.

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