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ISBN: 978-1-59578-379-0
September 2007
Liquid Silver Books
157 Pages
Erotic Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Kendra Miller has given up on men since her ex-fiancé left her two days before their wedding. Even her boss turns out to be a lying thieving creep. The only good guy in her life is her brother Markus, and his most recent gift to her is about to change her life forever.

Nefertem is a god from Ancient Egypt. His sole purpose upon being summoned is to judge the mortals and exact punishment along side his mother Sekhmet. Being summoned by a modern day mortal cannot change his purpose, but it does change his soul.

Kendra unwittingly evokes the power of the pendant sent to her by Markus. Upon summoning Nefertem, Kendra soon realizes that her heart is once again threatening to be shattered. Their intense attraction to each other only compounds the pain that is certain to come. Nefertem has never felt anything for a mortal like he does with Kendra. She is quite simply his true mate and he will do anything in his power to see that she does not get hurt. His mother however has other ideas. Can Nefertem thwart his mother’s plans, or will he take his place at Sekhmet’s side and wreak havoc once again?

Ancient Egyptian gods and modern day humans make for an interesting storyline. Kendra takes her responsibility for summoning Nefertem very seriously. Her character meets the challenge head on but stays true to her heart. Nefertem is exactly how you would picture an Egyptian god. He is fearsome, strong, and passionate, and certainly tall, dark, and handsome. The heat between them is intense and Nefertem’s inner cat only makes it hotter. I would have loved more detail of the Ancient Egyptians and their gods. They were such an intriguing and evolved human race that I felt Nefertem and his family could have really come to life with more detail.

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