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August 2008
Wicked Women of Color Press
47 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Anita agrees with Mark to bet on a stuntman's ability to make the jump he was attempting to do. When she loses the bet, she must become a slave for a day. She is not so happy, that is, until things start to heat up a bit.

Mark is Anita's best friend. When they agree to the bet and he claims his victory, he never dreamed that the simple idea he had in mind would become a want so quickly and badly. But he intends to push as far as he can go.

With the stakes set in place, the ultimate winner declared, and the prize in collection, these two friends are in for the ride of a lifetime as things start to change between friends. Once it is put in motion, there is no going back.

The Bet is a great read for when you have little time or are standing in line just waiting. It will brighten that spot of your day. I enjoyed the friendship between Anita and Mark and the trust they had with each other to embrace the risk they take. Take a few minutes to enjoy this book.

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