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ISBN: 978-0-9817144-3-1
MAY 2008
Lyrical Press, Inc
224 Pages
Erotica/Ménage a Trois
Rating: 3 Cups

Allison is a burgeoning reporter who loves her husband deeply. Willing desperately to save her marriage to Eric, she even turns to her former beau and her husband’s lover, Nick.

Eric is a powerful CEO about to become Senator. While he does love Allison, he also will not give up his relationship with Nick. Pushing himself to his limit, he does what he can to have it all.

Nick is a journalist and uses his knowledge of the press to keep his relationship with Eric hidden from Allison and the world. He also regrets losing what he had with Allison and is willing to do what it takes to have both.

All three lovers want each other and will try to learn how to be together as a family. The real world, however, may not be ready to accept the arrangement and outside influences will do what they can to ruin the lovers’ lives.

The Arrangement takes a whole new look at polygamy as it portrays two marriages with three people. I enjoyed this take on the theme and found the characters interesting, especially Eric as the tyrannical alpha male. He is the focal point, and seeing how Nick and Allison adapted was entertaining. The dialogue was perfect and all three developed strengths as their characters progress. The sex scenes were perfect to shore up the plotline. The few supporting characters were good and gave the story the background needed to keep the plot plausible. This book is going to be a favorite for those who enjoy a unique and fresh look at alternative lifestyles.

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