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ISBN# (10): 0-7783-2426-5 and (13): 978-0-7783-2426-3
May 2007
MIRA Books
225 Duncan Mill Road, Don Mills, Ontario, Canada M3B 3K9
$6.99 U.S./$8.50 Canada
464 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Andrew Villard loves to design boats, always making his work precise, aware of every detail. He has a life most men would kill for until his wife, Allison, goes missing at sea. After three days he begins a desperate search for her. It is important he find her alive, before he is charged with her murder.

Allison Fairmont Villard does not even know the man to whom she is married. Since the boating accident, her amnesia keeps her from remembering everything about her life. Even with the reconstruction of her face, she barely recognizes herself. Allison cannot remember the accident or floating on driftwood after the raging storm had battered her body.

Agent Tony Bogart shared a secret past with Allison over a decade ago. Their rich girl/poor boy relationship unfortunately was doomed from the start. Just when Tony was going to propose marriage, Andrew entered the picture, and Tony became history. Tony left town never seeing Allison again until after her accident.

Six months later, she still does not recall what happened. Andrew is a blur to her. They do not share the same home or the same bedroom. The only interaction they share is during social or business events. They are only together now because of the business arrangement they have made. For Allison, a chunk of her life is gone and the details of her past are fuzzy. Naturally, she searches for ways to protect herself. When her amnesia starts to lift, Allison’s gets small flashes of her life before, but danger seems to lurk around the next dark corner. She has many questions about Andrew and all the happenings in his life. When Tony shows up at her doorstep, she is surprised to see him after all these years. Tony is searching for answers to his brother’s death. Something about her suspicious boating accident draws him to her again. He desperately needs to know where she was when his brother died. Allison realizes there is so much more to her who she is than meets the eye. She tries to help Tony find answers but more doors are open Door concealing huge family secrets that could get someone killed. And the more her family sees this new Allison, the more they question whether she is the real Allison, or an impostor.

The Arrangement is loaded with twists and turns, in-depth characters and suspense at every corner. Just when I thought I had it figured out on the suspect, another twist came into play, once again tripping me up. Allison really plays hardball in this intriguing story, while Andrew and Tony are not far behind with their non-stop actions. There are a string of characters that really enhance this tale. Suzanne Forster cleverly pens a well-thought out plot, a sensational cast, and hold-on-to-your-seat drama in this extraordinary read. This is one adrenalin rush that should not be missed which garners five cups in this believable roller-coaster ride.

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