ISBN#  1-933471-58-1
September, 2005
Triskelion Publishing
163 pages
Urban Gothic Romance                         

Garner Reboulet is a man who studies ghosts. He along with his wife and partner,
Maggie, have teamed up to track them down in order to keep the city safe. He has an
obsession with vampires which he cannot seem to curb. So when yet another person
calls and informs Garner of a real vampire, he jumps on the first plane to France.
However, things do not go according to plan. Simone, a vampiress lusting after Garner,
turns on him and has her current Vampiric lover create Garner as one of their own.
Garner, not wanting Maggie burdened with his change, decides to divorce her.

Maggie hunts the paranormal using the latest technology, knowing with every part of her
being that she can scientifically prove the existence of ghosts.  When Garner leaves and
sends her divorce papers, she decides to rebuild her life and carry on as if nothing has
happened. She takes a job at an old Southern manor to cleanse it, trying to keep herself
busy enough to forget about her husband.

Things become wildly exciting as Simone decides to go after a special sapphire which
is hidden in the manor Maggie is trying to cleanse. Simone has two things on her
agenda; to get rid of Garner’s love so that he can devote himself to her, and to get her
hands on that sapphire to assuage her need for sparkling things. To make matters even
more dangerously exciting, the ghosts of the manor have found they can use Maggie as
more than a medium. They can also use her as a vessel to come back to the living
realm. It is up to Garner and Maggie to come to terms with their new relationship and to
see if their love is strong enough to keep them alive as the ghosts, the dark voodoo
priest, and the vampire try to kill each other in search of the sapphire.

This book is a definite recommended read. From the first page the story leaped at me,
throwing me into this harrowing tale of mysticism, vodun, voodoo, vampirism, magic,
and love. The sex scenes are intense and the tale is wonderfully gripping.  

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books