ISBN: 1-4196-0251-9
December 2004
Paper Back
183 Pages
Fantasy/Adventure/Young Adult

Jack Gates has always known he was different, with unique powers he tries to keep
hidden.  He has few friends and goes through school as inconspicuously as possible,
but is still a target for the bullies.

The day comes when Jack's powers are needed to save a magical princess.  In
agreeing to help, he is led to a mystical world of vampires, sorcerers, demons, and
wizards in a land full of adventure and possibly his destiny.

In The Destiny, Morgan Montgomery has written a young adult fantasy story of friendship
that will be popular with readers of teen fantasy.  Written in a Young Adult style, the story
moves at a chaotic pace.  The quick changes are noticeable, but do not detract from the
story.  Loyalty even in the face of betrayal is the defining theme of the book, with
characters I enjoy.  Readers will cheer the heroes and mourn their failures.  The mystical
world in The Destiny is fully developed and a great backdrop for the adventure.   

Ms. Montgomery is a highly creative and talented writer and I look forward to watching
her career and style develop in the years to come.  The Destiny is a good young adult

Anya Khan
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance