ISBN: 1-59279-391-6
Amber Quill Press
November 2005
$ 4.00
48 Pages
Historical Erotica

Katarina is a young woman left alone in the world and forced to live in the barn of a goat
farm. When a chance comes to be the companion to a reclusive nobleman, she cannot
wait to begin her new life. Despite frightening rumors, she finds nothing in her new home
as bad as the farm she left. Katarina soon becomes fascinated by Lord Adrik, The Dark

Adrik questions his choice in taking another companion.  Injured in mind and body when
his wife died, he suffers the rumors that he killed her.  Meeting Katarina, he enjoys her
spirit. Then his rage returns, caused by his physical pain and the horror that he can no
longer have sex.  

When Katarina and Adrik meet they have reservations but Katarina’s attitude, and the
loneliness she sees in Adrik, bring them closer together.  When the villain tries to make
sure Adrik never finds peace, it may be more than Katarina can fight.

I enjoyed the darkness of this book, and Ms. Wilkins writes a story that is almost a
gothic romance, but one that never made me lose hope that these characters would
prevail.  From their first conversation, to the book’s climax, their dialogue expresses the
development of their feelings and the way their desire grows beautifully.  As the sexual
tension increases, the mystery of Adrik’s suffering is compelling and one of the reasons
I enjoyed this book so much.  It is a unique keeper and I look forward to reading another
story by Ms. Wilkins.

Anya Khan
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance