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ISBN# 978-1-60264-384-0 (soft cover) 978-1-60264-385-7 (ebook)
March 3, 2009 Publishing Inc.
P.O. Box 9949, College Station, TX 77842
365 pages
Vampire/Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Julia Poe has suffered much since the age of eight. Thanks to an enraged vampire, she carries a five-inch scar from her forehead to mid-cheek. The devastating screams of her family being killed by vampires still ring in her ears.

Kaleb Sainvire, leader of two powerful vampire factions, likes to wear black. He is precautious as well as rational. Julia wakens something in his heart that has lain dormant for years.

Thanks to trusted friends, Sister Ann and Goss, a giant, six-foot-seven black man, taking her to the underground world of cinematic fiction, Julia found a home at the age of eight. After the Gray Armageddon, they had introduced her to vampire killing and cattle running. About to turn twenty-two, Julia has seen tremendous heartbreak and danger. Learning to live through fear, hunger and hate, she despises the vampire, Sainvire. She takes her tongueless dog, Penny, and sets out to destroy Sainvire, but he is nothing like she imagined. Sainvire admires her bravery. Can he keep her safe once it is open season on her, especially when she has made his dead heart live again?

That Which Bites is a poignant tale amid heartbreak, death, and survival. Julia is a pint-size heroine who is truly courageous in all her efforts to stay alive. She has spunk and often reminds me of a little stick of dynamite ready to ignite. I love when she and Sainvire meet and start to cozy up, amid their difference. Sometimes one never knows about another until they learn first-hand and their relationship is beautifully told. I also enjoyed when she called him, Mr. Vampiro. Some of the words he expresses to Julia made my heart leap with joy. Celis T. Rono weaves an enticing, action-packed tale making me wonder, is there a second book perhaps?

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