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ISBN#: (13) 978-1416558583
August 2008
Pocket Books/Simon and Schuster
1230 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020
207 Pages
Paranormal/Urban Fantasy Romance
Rating: 5 cups

Olivia Gray has always felt like an outsider. Unloved by the mother who saw her as nothing more than a duty, and knowing nothing about her father until her mother’s death, she is afraid to allow anyone too close to her. When she finds an unopened letter from her father to her mother upon her mother’s death, she packs up and moves to his home turf of London to find him.

Marrok has lived for over a millennium. Cursed with immortality by Arthur’s half-sister Morgana Le Fey when he rejected her, Marrok will do just about anything to finally be able to end his lonely existence. When he dreams about a woman who has Morgana’s eyes, he believes he will finally be able to force this Morgana who is wearing a different body into releasing him from her curse.

When Marrok sees Olivia for the first time, he is certain she is just another incarnation of Morgana Le Fey, the woman who cursed him with mortality, but this woman acts as though she’s never met him before. Convinced it is another of Morgana’s games, he seeks to entrap her in his home and force her to open the Doomsday Diary, the book she used to curse him with. However, Olivia thinks he is nuts, and tries to seduce him long enough to use one of his own carvings to knock him out and run. Instead she finds herself being seduced, and the next thing she knows sparks fly and she wakes up in bed with Marrok. Thinking that now is the time to make her escape, she instead becomes violently ill. When Marrok finds her, he has no idea how to help her and must bring in someone who is magical to help him help her. It is all downhill from there, for he discovers that he and Olivia have forged an unbreakable bond, and while this is great from the standpoint that this will make it easier for her to help him break the curse, it is not so good from the standpoint that he is beginning to have feelings for a woman that he is still not sure he can trust. Throw in a magical bad guy who wants to destroy other magicals, as well as wants to get his hands on the book that Morgana used to curse Marrok, and you have a really big mess.

I have a new favorite author and her name is Shayla Black! I cannot say enough good things about this book and just want to say up front that even if you are not normally into paranormal romance, you do not want to miss this one. Ms. Black has created a universe that is positively spell-binding with a whole magical culture that is fun and interesting to read about. She did a fantastic job creating Marrok and the reader can tell from the get-go that this guy is not from the twenty-first century, and not just because of some of his archaic speech either. The whole aversion to cars thing had me giggling every time it came up. Another plus, in my estimation, is that there are plenty of bad guys, and lots of action making it difficult for the reader to figure out just what is going on. I literally stayed up half the night one night because I could not stop reading. I look forward to reading the next two installments and cannot wait for them to come out!

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