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ISBN# 978-0-06-125637-0
April 2008
10 East 53rd Street, New York 10022
Mass Market Paperback
373 Pages
Fantasy/Historical Romance
Rating: 4 cups

Jenny Keating has been at the Bresland School for eleven brutal years. She has finally gotten a position as a governess and cannot wait to escape the clutches of the vicious Headmaster Usher.

Merrick is the High Chieftain of the Isla of Coruain, now being attacked by the evil sorceress Eilinora. He has to go to the land of the Tuath to find one of the brighid stones of power to save his people. Then he will marry the beautiful sorceress the oracle foretold.

A sorcerer from another time and place arrives in 1826 England to search out someone named Keating, and a magic stone. An injury robs him of his memory, but the lovely Jenny is there to take care of him and help him. He does not know his name, his home, or if he is married, but he loves Jenny and will help her on her quest as he struggles to remember his own.

I enjoyed this unusual tale. It combines historical romance, fantasy, and a bit of time travel with an Arthurian slant. Jenny is a courageous woman, having survived years of abuse and brutality with enough gumption to escape her prison. Merrick is impressed from the first with her courage. She has certain powers that she strives to keep secret and is so successful that even the powerful Merrick does not notice. He is much more likeable before he regains his memory and hurts Jenny, but I liked Jenny throughout. The setting, northern England during the weaver’s riots is very appropriate and her descriptions of both Coruain and the various settings in England from the school to the gypsy camp to the City of Carlisle are very vividly written. The battle scenes are exciting and easily pictured, as are the various characters in both realms.

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