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Cynster Novel Series
Book 1: Devil’s Bride
Book 2: A Rake’s Vow
Book 3: Scandal’s Bride
Book 4: A Rogue’s Proposal
Book 5: A Secret Love
Book 6: All About Love
Book 7: All About Passion
Book 8: The Promise in a Kiss
Book 9: On a Wild Night
Book 10: On a Wicked Dawn
Book 11: The Perfect Lover
Book 12: The Ideal Bride
Book 13: The Truth About Love
Book 14: What Price Love
Book 15: The Taste Of Innocence
Book 16: Where the Heart Leads
Book 17: Temptation and Surrender
Book 18: Viscount Breckenridge to the Rescue
Book 19: In Pursuit of Miss Eliza Cynster

ISBN# Hardback-9780061243400/E-book-9780061775987
March 3, 2009
William Morrow, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers
385 pages
Rating: 4 cups

Emily Beauregard Colyton is in every way an independent woman. Striking out on her own with her brother and sisters in tow, they are in search of the Colyton “treasure.” Discovering the Red Bells Inn, which is owned by the Tallent family within Colyton, England, is in need of an innkeeper/manager is just the opportunity Emily and her family need. The treasure will be greater than they ever imagined.

Jonas Tallent is newly-returned to his hometown of Colyton after some time in London. With his father out of town, the care of the Tallent family holdings and estate fall into Jonas’ capable hands. The finding of the new innkeeper is also his responsibility. When a young woman calls at his door with false references in hand, his need for an innkeeper is too dire to turn her away. He just might lose his heart in the process.

The Colyton family passes a rhyme down within the family concerning the “treasure” which lies in the town of Colyton. Their ancestors left it behind to help the next generations who may have need of it. Emily and her family are in desperate need, but with no one to help them find it, they must search for it themselves. Jonas is suspicious of Emily from the start. He believes she is looking for something, but cannot be sure what exactly it is she searches for. The more time she spends in Colyton, the longer he will have to convince her to stay on a more permanent level.

This book is full of historical fun and facts as well as romance and a hint of mystery. Emily and Jonas’ relationship is like a match and gasoline. From the first meeting, they are an explosive pair. Jonas is used to getting whatever he wants and Emily is a woman with a lot of responsibility who refuses to give in. This is a lively story with characters who enhance the tale and add colorful images to the reader’s imagination. Ms. Laurens writes with a humorous, yet seductive tone, heightening the reader’s experience.

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