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ISBN# 0-345-48100-3
November 28, 2006
Ballantine Books, The Random House Publishing Group
1745 Broadway, 18th Floor, New York, NY 10019
Price: $12.95
272 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Molly Drayton finds herself in a pickle after a scandal involves her father with some unbecoming conduct. Now left penniless, and in an English suburb, she must find a way to survive as she discovers many friends along the way. When her own family and friends cannot be trusted, she wonders will new ones treat her with the same regard.

Molly is beside herself after her father’s improper actions. Unhappy and overweight she must choose some housing. When an elderly gentleman approaches and offers her a room over his shop, she does not know how to respond. Mr. Roberts feels empathy for Molly and allows her to pay for her room and board by doing some shelving work for him. In time Molly sees him as a dirty old man, when he adds some conditions for her to stay in the room over the shop. Of course, conditions are something that Molly is accustomed to having in her life. As she begins to dissemble some shelves for the elderly man, she elaborates stories to him as he gropes her ankles. The stories become more numerous as well as the groping.

Molly needs more friends than just Mr. Roberts to communicate and share stories. As days pass, she meets Miranda, a hair cutter, who is also battling a weight problem. She tells Molly she can help shape her appearance. Later there are many more friends. There is Liz, a lonely-heart librarian, who believes Molly should read The Story of O, to build up her character. Then there is Tim who thinks he is a secret agent and Molly, at times, wishes he would leave her alone, even though she feels a strong attraction for him. As time progresses, she continues to express her life to those who will listen, while she continues to catch a glimpse of men’s ankles, something that has always attracted her to men in a strange way, as more friends pass by in her life.

Tell Me Everything is the story of a woman trying to find herself. Molly feels unattractive with her weight and because of this she gets the impression she will never have that strong love connection with a man. Each of the friends she meets on her path is quite diverse from the other. The aging Mr. Roberts seems to enjoy pondering on sexual overtones. Even though he is married to an attractive woman, he turns to overweight Molly for some ease of comfort. Sarah Salway reflects on a story of a young woman that is torn with many issues in her life, after enduring a difficult past growing up. It has its ups and downs as well as its perks when it comes to finding love, trusting and just being oneself. Many can see a side of themselves when they read about Molly or any of her friends and the struggles that each one face. I found it to be a book that gives pause and makes the reader think.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books