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ISBN#: 978-1-4343-3393-3
December 2007
486 pages
Sci-Fi/Speculative Fiction
Rating: 2 Cups

Dyle Carzon is a genetic scientist of genius proportions. He is responsible for a new and superior race combining the best of a human with the planets greatest predator. Carzon is also cold and ruthless willing to go to great lengths to achieve his ambitions.

Gerda Tau is a morph, a race apart, genetically engineered and completely deadly. Tau can morph into a second shape, that of a master predator while she retains her human intelligence. As the last of her kind, Gerda is no longer willing to play Carzon’s games and refuses to change her form.

When a group of mercenaries attempt to rescue Tau from the fortress where Carzon has her hidden, she willingly goes with them. They soon find themselves stranded on a remote and dangerous planet, with Carzon not far away. In a new fortress with no government to stop his experiments, Carzon is willing to go to great lengths to re-gain Tau.

Ms. Waks has written a very long and complicated book, with many twists and turns, which are often difficult to follow. There are a great deal of descriptions throughout which deviates from the story too often. Although the descriptions give a wonderful picture of the worlds where the book is set they can make the story difficult to follow. The main characters are well developed and Tau especially grows emotionally with her new experiences. The secondary characters are not as well written and it is often difficult to understand the relationships between them.

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