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ISBN#: 9780981714455
June 2008
Lyrical Press
113 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Jac is excited about the new exhibit she designed for the Museum of Natural History. It is a tribute to mythical and not so mythical creatures. The only fly in the ointment is Ravin, the very wealthy man who loaned the museum some of the more spectacular exhibits. He is handsome and sexy, but very rude.

Phaeravin, or Ravin, is happy to lend the museum some of his collection, but he has an ulterior motive: to recover the sword that was stolen from him centuries before. It is ironic that he is actually one of the mythical creatures featured in the exhibit.

A centuries-old dragon is determined to recover a stolen sword that will enable him to kill the wizard who cursed him. The holder of the sword is a descendant of that wizard and coincidentally his mate. Getting the sword and the girl is not as easy as it seems since forces from the past also want the sword.

I love dragon stories and this one started out very well. The two main characters are strong, stubborn, and attractive. Inevitably, they are reluctantly attracted to each other and fall in love. The peripheral characters are never fully developed and I definitely wanted to know more about them, especially the other dragon, Dax and Jac's best friend, Dee. Though I enjoyed the story a great deal, it only skimmed the surface and would have been much better with more detail. For example, the whole story seems to be building towards a confrontation between Ravin and the evil wizard, but the heroine and the reader sleep through all the action. That was a scene I was really looking forward to. Overall, this is an enjoyable story, but it definitely needs more details.

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