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ISBN #1-934329-70-3
May 26, 2007
Mardi Gras Publising
23 Pages
Erotica Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Hope was very conflicted. She had witnessed the murder of one lover at the hand of her other lover, and took the blame to save him. The charges were dropped and their relationship continued, such as it was.

Dr. Mike Shannon loved his mistress, but stayed married to his wife Anne. Mike knew the sacrifice that both Anne and Hope had made for him after he killed Mark. He was unwilling to give either of them up.

Hope knew that Mike had killed Mark out of jealousy. Even though he cheated openly on his wife, he could not tolerate the same of Hope. She realized that their relationship was becoming more and more strained, and she did not know how to fix it. She was a very sexual being and did not like the idea of another jealous rage from Mike. When their friends Paul and Karen suggested swinging, she was surprised to find that Mike seemed to be interested. Feeling unsure, but very aroused at the prospect, Hope took Paul in a heat of passion. The fallout was not exactly what she expected, but maybe everything that she needed.

I found this story to be very disturbing. Some people gravitate towards destructive relationships, and Hope was one of these people. Mike cheated on his wife, but could not condone the same behavior from his mistress. Ultimately he self destructed, and maybe gave Hope a chance to heal. Well written, this story shows the price that people pay when they think they can have their cake and eat it too.

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