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ISBN# Unavailable
June 2008
92 Pages
Romance, Menage, BDSM (mild)
Rating: 3 cups

Lizzie is a just barely old enough college student who is working as a telemarketer for the summer. Unlike many of her co-workers, she likes her boss Sarah.

Sarah is a telemarketing supervisor and Lizzie’s boss. She likes Lizzie a lot, but feels that she is very young.

David is a co-worker who has the hots for Sarah and is willing to keep trying to get close to her no matter how long it takes. He is very good natured about it.

When Sarah seduces Lizzie one night, Lizzie finds what she has always been missing; an orgasm during sex! While their relationship is very hot and they spend as much time as possible together making love and just spending time with each other, and Lizzie loves that, she feels there is something missing; a man. With Sarahʼs permission, they begin scoping out men to try and find one to join them. Eventually Sarah gives in to Lizzieʼs wish and invites their co-worker David to join them. However, what will happen when two becomes three; will the womenʼs relationship survive?

Taken is a very hot romance, and I enjoyed reading it. The love between Lizzie and Sarah is very real and I think realistically portrayed. I liked the element of the unknown that adding David to the mix of their relationship brought to the story. I was a little saddened by the conclusion, as it tended more towards realism than a happily ever after which I prefer, but all in all this is a story worth reading.

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