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ISBN#: 978-1-55487-047-9
April 15, 2008
eXtasy Books
306 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Chantal Forman is lonely and alone. Her last job was six months ago, and the endless travel to find a new one is wearing her down. She has only herself, an old car, and an even older camper that she calls home. This town could be her last chance, before she must admit defeat and go crawling back to her mother.

Dr. Brad Johnson is a veterinarian. Although he has had his license for four years, he still feels uncomfortable that people put so much faith in him. He has always felt much more at ease with his patients than with people. Animals never have a hidden agenda.

Chantal is on her way to just one more interview. Unfortunately she has found herself to be over qualified, or completely unqualified. The job hunt comes to an abrupt halt when she finds a litter of abandoned kittens by the road side. It is the dead of winter and only the most horrific type of human could dump such helpless creatures. Chantal is devastated to find only one alive, and she rushes to find the nearest vet. Brad is just coming off an all-nighter when Chantal shows up with the kitten. His gut instinct is telling him that both the woman and her kitten are something special. For the first time in his life, he has the desire to know this person inside and out. They have a connection that neither is able to explain, but cannot ignore. They also have the burning desire to see justice done to the persons responsible for dumping the kittens. Brad knows the culprits all to well, and now he has proof. But will that proof put both Chantal and her kitten in danger, or will she pack up and leave, and never look back?

Evelyn Starr will capture your heart with this story. Her love scenes are vivid and beautifully written. As are her characters Chantal and Brad. They are both very endearing to the reader, and their love for Sweetie the kitten only enforces that feeling. I could not put this down; it is definitely a very good read. So turn off the phone, the tv, and lock your door, because this is one story not to be interrupted.

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