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ISBN: 1-60601-181-2
August 2008
146 Pages
Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Rating: 3 Cups

Lucas Jensen is a detective for the New Orleans police department; at least he was, until his partner was shot and killed. Now he is back home in Meadowside trying to piece his life back together.

Gillian Landon is the owner of the Sweet Dreams bakery in Meadowside, not exactly her lifelong dream, but she is proud nonetheless. She pores her heart into her business, and it shows. The bakery is doing great; that is, until Lucas shows up on her doorstep.

Gillian is a bit dumbfounded when Lucas walks through the door of Sweet Dreams. She has not seen him since high school, and it only takes one look for all her adolescent feelings to come rushing back. He is still the fantasy that fulfilled every one of her dreams. Lucas cannot believe this is the same Gillian from school, and that he never noticed her beauty and kindness before. She ignites a spark in him he thought was long dead. They quickly strike up a relationship Gillian had never thought possible, but Lucas is terrified of dragging her down with his baggage. The last thing he wants is for her to get hurt because of him, but someone seems intent on doing just that. He loves her so much; so much so that he is willing to walk out of her life to keep her safe.

This story is one of guilt and self-loathing warring with the need for love and understanding in Lucas’s heart. Ms. Ryan’s characters are full of depth and feeling. Lucas is ravaged by guilt, and Gillian, despite the tragedies in her life, is just what he needs to begin the healing process. The plot is also very fulfilling, and keeps you engaged right through the end. A little suspense, a little romance, and you have a story that is a pleasure to read.

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