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ISBN: (13) 978-1-60777-116-6
February 2009
A Real Man Romance, an imprint of Ravenous Romance Original Publication
200 Pages
Erotic Romance-anthology
Rating: 4 Cups


When Ben gets a job at the Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph, he begins to interview high school jocks, which is not the job he was hoping for. Soon, though, he takes over for a colleague, and he is sure he will soon be interviewing his hockey idol.

Paul Teaberry is on the Pittsburgh Predators hockey team and notices Ben right away. The reporter seems occupied with finding Gary, but Paul knows he has more to offer the younger man.

When Ben loses his chance to interview Gary, he instead finds himself questioning Paul. Though he is not the hockey player he originally wanted to talk to, there is something about this older man that oozes sensuality. Paul has to wonder if when the questions are over, will Ben lose interest in him and still go on with his plans to romance Gary.

Puck by Mr. Jockel is actually a very well-written story about overlooking what is right in your face. Paul is mentioned repeatedly in this story but mainly as a secondary character until the last few pages. It gave the story a nice edge because as the reader, I was expecting one outcome and instead got something totally different.

Her Blade, My Lover

Pussycat watches fencing and finds the men with their thrusts, lunges, and quick thinking fascinating and a huge turn on. There is just something about the sport that has her wanting to jump her girlfriend every time she watches.

Sophie loves a good challenge. When her girlfriend, nicknamed Pussycat challenges her to a duel with some intriguing toys, she jumps at the chance.

What Pussycat does not realize is that even though Sophie is not as enthralled with fencing as she is, Sophie has paid attention to what to do and what not to do in a match. After winning their fencing match, she comes up with some very creative ways to teach Pussycat that sometimes the loser is actually the winner.

Her Blade, My Lover by Ms. Woodlawn is a hot, steamy, and fun story about the amusing games that can be played in the bedroom. One deterrent for me was the fact that I never learned Pussycat’s name, only a nickname, and due to this fact, I did not feel personally involved with this story. However, the sex scenes were very spicy and erotic and complemented the story perfectly.

Just Climb

Zara loves to climb and considers herself to be a great athlete, but sometimes that prevents her from having a good relationship. Kreagan Bartholomew is one of those men who have women falling all over them.

Nine months ago Kreagan met a woman he thought could just be the woman of his dreams, until she up and left in the middle of the night and was nowhere to be found come morning. Now their one night of loving has become legendary and
Kreagan can have any woman he wants. Soon Zara and Kreagan are facing each other yet again in the mountains as they both climb towards the top. Not willing to have her run again, he gets her into his tent with the intentions of never letting her go even if he has to tie her up. Will Zara finally allow herself to fall for the man who somehow captured her heart all those months ago? Or will she run scared once again when the sun sets?

Just Climb by Ms. Harte is the type of story that makes me sigh. The storyline is awesome and unforgettable. The characters are realistic with everyday problems but not to the point where that is all you hear about. Kreagan is so masculine and such an alpha male, he just oozes sexual pleasure. Zara comes across as loyal and able to watch your back, but afraid to show men that she has the strength to do so. This beautifully written tale is a perfect way to bring the sport of mountain climbing into the romance genre.

Mixed Doubles

Melanie Randolph may be known as the current female tennis champion, but right now she is too furious to take glory in it. Being asked to play in doubles for charity would be great, except that she just found out who she is paired with.

Joshua Barton knows that there is something eating at Melanie, something that has to do with their past relationship. He figures that now that they are tennis partners, he will be able to get to the bottom of their troubles.

When Melanie sees Joshua on the court while she is practicing, she begins to smack the tennis balls straight at him and hopes she hits some vital parts. When he finally gets a hold of her, he finds he is still attracted to her and wants to prove she feels desire for him as well. After some hot and heavy petting with some very satisfying results, will Melanie and Joshua be able to get over the past? Or is their relationship doomed to be only partners on the courts and not in the bedroom?

Ms. Dennis has taken a spirited woman and matched her with the perfect man in Mixed Doubles. With hints of past complications, this steamy tale was a very nice story to read. The sex scenes were very spicy and hot. With memorable characters and moments, this story of a chance at redeeming a past love is a perfect complement for any erotica reader.


Rachelle just became the newest teammate of the LGBT basketball league. Not wanting to get in shape by joining a gym, she figured this was the next best thing.

Laura is one of the best players on the Purple Pistons team. She notices the new girl right away but has a girlfriend already and does not want her infatuation to show.

Over time, though, Laura and Rachelle cannot help but develop feelings of lust for each other, especially when their bodies continually brush during games. With the girlfriend still in the picture, both know they cannot allow their feelings to go any further. However, when Rachelle gets sick and Laura turns up alone at her place, their friendship turns to more. Will they finally be able to explore their welling feelings, or are they doomed to have unquenchable lust from afar only?

Rebound by Mr. Montoya is the story of a budding relationship over time and on the basketball court. Unfortunately it really did not catch my interest very much, and I found myself slightly bored. There was just enough sexual tension to keep my attention and as the story got further along, I did become more engrossed. Overall this was a nice read but not something that would be memorable.

Head Pin

Gracie works at her father’s bowling alley and in her spare time likes to play a couple of games. There is just something about the sport that keeps her coming back for more.

Chase is a celebrity of sorts, coming back to town after his PBA tour. When he enters his old hangout, the bowling alley, it seems he is finally home.

Before he left, Gracie and Chase shared a memorable kiss that has lasted with her all this time. When he shows up with the same cocky grin, she knows her feelings for him have not changed at all. Will Chase just tease her again like he did before, or will he finally take things further?

Ms. Champa impressed me with this story; I really was enchanted with every moment. The history between Chase and Gracie was perfectly told and brought a feeling of nostalgia to me. Head Pin had such a great quality to it, I found myself falling not only for this story but for the characters as well.

Scrum Buddies

Eual was sitting at a bar enjoying a beer when he was approached by a total stranger. The man comments on his rugby shirt and then asks him to join the team for a match.

Raul “Cat” Cataliano is the only member of his Rugby team that is gay. But things are about to change when Eual enters the picture.

Eual finds himself enthralled with the men in uniform but not so much with the injuries that come with Rugby. After learning the ropes through a quick scrimmage, it is time to play for real. After a rousing game of Rugby, the men head to a bar to relax and drink a few. Will Eual and Raul finally be able to play out their own fantasies, or is their union destined to be unattainable?

Scrum Buddies by Mr. Benét was just an ok story. While the storyline was entertaining, it really did not hold my interest for very long. This would be better as an adult how-to-learn to play rugby than the erotica story it is.


Tara has lusted after Gerry from afar. There is just something about the man with the swimmer’s body that gets her going.

Gerry notices Tara when she first enters the swimming area. It seems each time he is there to swim laps, she is there, tantalizing him.

When an unfortunate accident has Tara practically drowning in the pool, it is Gerry that saves her. After his hero act she finally gets the gumption to ask him out for coffee, only to find he is her study partner in one of her classes. Soon they find themselves alone with no one around, and they let their wilder side of passion take over.

Ms. Rowan wrote an interesting mix of innocence and seduction in Redemption. The story was at times hot but also confusing in the telling. I was not sure if I was reading about a steamy college romance or a middle school crush. Certainly this story was not a bad read, but I am not sure if I would consider it anything more than just good.

Getting Lucky Isn’t the Same as Being Lucky

Gina Smith loves her husband and all his peculiar superstitions. Even though it can be tiresome to other people, to her his little quirks are funny and cute.

As a professional baseball player, Owen Smith has certain events that have to take place before any game. One of these events that must take place before any game is to have sex with his wife.

Before the game against the Iowa Cobs, he has a little romp with his wife which ends before the big finish. Later Gina finds out that her husband is MIA and may not make it to the game. Is their bad luck due to the fact that they never finished their romp, or is something else playing a part in his abduction?

Ms. Bluekissed wrote a light and fun story, but at times it seemed really jumbled up and confusing. The sex scenes were really well done, nice and steamy, and I liked the element of the couple being married. A nice story that has some comedy in it but not something that you want to read if you are looking for something heavy to peruse.

Uniform Takedown

Being a wrestler for most of his life, Jesse was taught from a young age what to expect from an opponent. Being trained by his father from that early age helped develop him into the wrestler he would become.

Kristof is one of the best wrestling opponents that Germany has to offer. When he transferred to the United States, he was not expecting much but got more than he bargained for.

Kristof is one of the best wrestlers from his country and ready to get down and dirty with Jesse. But in the end it brings about a life change for Jesse that he is not ready to accept. Bryan is a caretaker in a navy hospital when he meets up with Jesse. Intrigued with the sport of wrestling, he tries to get some one-on-one wrestling lessons with Jesse. Will the ex-wrestler teach Bryan all he wants to know on and off the mat?

Mr. Church wrote an interesting story about wrestling and the effects the sport had on Jesse. Uniform Takedown had a great storyline, and I really liked how the tale showed more than just what happens now. It shows us how a past mistake affected Jesse’s life and left him with a very realistic outlook on male relationships.

Luck in the Martial Arts

Faye loves how beautiful the martial arts are and how in shape the exercise keeps her. With her best friend as her fighting partner, she could not ask for a better sport.

Jack enjoys the times he gets to spar with his best friend Faye. Sometimes, though, his hormones kick into overdrive, and his body realizes what his mind tries to forget, that Faye is a woman.

When a bad fall injures Faye, she begins to see her accident in a positive light. How else would she get the chance to have Jack not only wait on her hand and foot but possibly see her naked? She has wanted him for so long, that her body seems to be in a constant ache for him. Will Jack return her feelings of lust and love, or is their friendship going to come to a screeching halt with her advances?

Ms. M. has picked a topic that I love to read about, best friends becoming more. With this specific tale, I found the perfect story to complement my favorite subject. Luck in the Martial Arts has every good quality for a perfect erotic tale: steamy scenes, sensual foreplay, and a great storyline that kept me reading and entertained for the entire time.

The Education of Prince Charming

Derrick Windsor has a girlfriend, but there is just something about his tutor that gets to him. He does not think he is gay, but the tutor has been checking him out for weeks now and it turns him on.

The tutor has found Derrick intriguing from the first time he saw his feet. There was just something about how beautiful they were that had him falling in love with Derrick.

Ready to discover if his tutor feels the same way, Derrick makes his move and becomes enamored with the idea of having sex with another man. As time goes by, they continue to explore each other in sexual escapades. Soon, though, their affair comes to an end when Derrick’s girlfriend puts a stop to their exploration. Will Derrick be able to discover who he truly is, or is he destined to stay in the closet for the rest of his life?

I was disappointed in this story by Mr. Radle. I did not even have a name to call the tutor, who in reality is the main character. I was not able to relate to the storyline or the man himself. The sex scenes were spicy, but Derrick came across as very selfish and really was a jerk. This really was not a great story and left me sad that the anthology ended on a sour note.

Sweaty Sex: An anthology of Sports and Sex is full of many different, intriguing characters, erotic sex scenes, and lots of sweaty athletes. I love great sports stories that have hot athletes, characters that lust after them, and tons of sex, and this collection definitely did not disappoint my taste. With a few less than stellar, but a great many amazing tales, this hot and heavy anthology is perfect to whet any appetite. The description used in each story was unique and kept it going even through the rough spots, and I was definitely happy with the overall results.

Caution: This anthology contains many different sub genres. Some stories include scenes of M/M, BDSM, F/F, older man/younger man, voyeurism and are red-hot romances!

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