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A Zephyr Zuckerman Mystery

Super In The City
Hotel No Tell

ISBN# 987-0-385-34269-8
January 27th 2009
Bantam Dell Publishing Group
Trade paperback/E-book
$12.00 U.S/$14.00 CAN
296 pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Zephyr Zuckerman was having a rather interesting night to begin with, but nothing prepared her for the whammy of a surprise she got when she arrived back at her apartment. The current super who worked for her parents was being arrested by the police, and her mother has just named her the new super for the building.

Gregory Samson just wanted to do his job as an exterminator, but Zeph threw him for a loop he never saw coming. She has managed to drag him into a mystery where there never seems to be an end to the surprises.

Zephyr has no clue that when she takes over as the super for her parents building that she soon will be doing more than fixing things and the occasional odd job for the other tenants. Soon, she and Gregory are embroiled in a mystery that will in the end cause Zephyr to rethink her life. To make things worse for Zeph, she cannot seem to catch a break in regards to Gregory. Every time she turns around something else comes up to spoil things with him until she thinks there is never going to be anything between them.

This quirky amusing story of a girl just trying to figure out her life will have you laughing at all her misadventures. Super in the city is a cute story with original characters that will tickle your funny bone. The story line does get a little bogged down by the tangents of Zephyr’s wild imagination, but overall it is a good read. If you enjoy a little mystery mixed in with a dash of fun, this is the book for you.

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