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ISBN#: (10)0451225121/(13)9780451225115
November 4, 2008
Penguin Group, NAL Heat
375 Hudson St, New York, New York 10014
279 Pages
Contemporary Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

The Sensual Soak

Danielle Carrigan is a partner in an interior design firm. She is successful, easy on the eyes, and in serious need of a man who is not afraid to exert a little control in the bedroom.

Ethan Sharpe is on an extended medical leave from the service, doing his rehabilitation at the O Spa. His leg is a mess, and he may never be able to resume his duties. He has never felt like less of a man in his life.

Danielle is on a girls' vacation with her best friends and partners at the O Spa, a resort reported to be able to fulfill your every fantasy. Well, her fantasies are pretty vivid, and she is more than ready to find a man who can dominate. Within minutes of landing, she has found that man. Ethan never thought he would feel whole again, but Danielle corrected that in a heartbeat. She lights the fire in his veins, and he is more than willing to wield his power in all the right ways.

These two are blistering hot, and burn their way through every page. Danielle may be a successful businesswoman in control of her life, but inside she longs to be taken. Ethan never knew how powerful it was to take command in the bedroom, until he met Danielle. She is everything he needs to regain his confidence, and he fulfills her in more ways than just sexually.

The Pleasure Pool

Lauren Sampson may be the accountant for the firm, but on the outside she looks like a Playboy bunny. Her looks have been the bane of her existence, because who really wants to be nothing more than a pair of breasts?

Ryan Thomas is left nearly sightless after getting caught in an explosion during the war. He has practically shut himself off to everyone but his comrades. He is the shadow on the island, a man who prefers the dark where no one can look at him.

Lauren wants to be seen for who she is, but no man has ever gotten past the outside of her chest to see the heart inside. She would also like a man who can walk on the wild side, and with Ryan she sees that potential. Ryan’s fear of rejection keeps him from putting his heart on the line, but listening to Lauren, he decides to take a chance. He wants to be her wild man, but only anonymously. Lauren quickly learns the identity of her Tarzan, but playing the game is so much fun. Once all is revealed, will they be able to move their relationship into the light?

Lauren and Ryan have a connection beyond what is seen on the surface. Their affair may start out as a game, but quickly escalates into a powerful need for each other’s affections. I love the way Lauren gives Ryan the space he needs to come to terms with his feelings, but does not let him hide behind his handicap.

The Sunset Sauna

Abby Benton is the ultimate planner, and has never strayed from her chosen path, even though she secretly wishes for more. Her plans are to get engaged as soon as she returns home from vacation, but she knows her friends hope she changes her mind.

Cody Lannon is a sniper. His job is to watch and wait for the perfect opportunity to strike, but life behind the scope has turned him into an icy shell of a man.

Abby wants a man who can pour his passion out like an erupting volcano, and she fantasizes that Cody is that man. Her soon-to-be fiancé has never stirred the feelings of desire in her like Cody does. Cody never thought that he wanted anything more than to be left alone with his demons, but Abby’s sweet soul cracks his icy wall with one touch. She does not back down, and he is powerless to stop her.

Abby and Cody are like flip sides of a coin. She is vibrant and full of life, and he feels dead inside. Her inner organizer plots out the perfect way to Cody’s heart, and zeroes in for the kill; Cody does not stand a chance. Still waters run deep, and Cody’s emotional release is a tidal wave.

This is the ultimate in a fantasy vacation. Ms. Fox fills the pages of her book with decadent sexy men who are just begging to be rescued by sultry hot heroines. The reader cannot help but be swept up in the stunning island backdrop, and the steaming love affairs of each couple. The love scenes are incredible and very well done, but do not inhibit the story line. I enjoyed every moment between each of the couples in this story, and would love to read more from Ms. Fox.

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